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A Simple Way To Render Beeswax Cappings

Use a simple double boiler set up with a stainless steel pot inside
a larger pot with water in it. Turn the heat on medium high and monitor
water temp. - maintain at 170 F . Place the beeswax cappings in the inner
pot with some soft rainwater and bring up to temp. - stirring occassionally.
Once all beeswax is melted - pour through a metal kitchen strainer into a
plastic pail or pan. Go outside and smack the strainer upside down on a
piece of cardboard to clean the strainer. Remove the cool beeswax cake from
the plastic pail or pan and scrape off the slum gum. Discard honey water .
This is a first stage rendering process that leaves behind coarse debris
and honey still in the beeswax. A second stage rendering process would be
required to bring this beeswax up to candle grade quality .

Filtering through cheesecloth , j-cloth , or any coarse filter material will
only remove the coarse debris and will not remove the honey. This beeswax will
be suitable for making creams or lotions . The dirt that clogs the square braided
cotton candle wicking is not visible to the naked eye so clean looking beeswax
may not be candle grade beeswax. The honey in the beeswax will not burn.

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