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Why Large Diameter Beeswax Candles Are Not A Good Idea .

When a beeswax candle burns , the wax is melted by the flame and then is drawn
up to the combustion zone through cappillary action by the wicking where it is
vapourized and mixes with oxygen at which point combustion occurs. Combustion
produces heat and light. The size of the wick determines the size of the flame ,
which determines the size of the melt pool around the wick. As the candle burns ,
the flame becomes taller as the wax around the wick melts and exposes more of the
wick. The taller the wick the taller the flame becomes. When pillar candles are made ,
it is very important to match the size of the wick to the diameter of the candle. If
the wick is too big for the candle the melt pool will run over the edge of the candle ,
and if the wick is too small for the candle the melt pool will never reach the edge.
A melt pool that reaches to within 3/8 " of the edge of the candle is desired.

There are 16 different sizes of square braided wicking made for beeswax candles.
The largest size of wicking has a melt pool of 2 3/4 " , which makes it well suited for
a candle in the range of 3" - 3 1/4" in diameter. That would be the largest diameter
of beeswax candle that would be practical. Any beeswax candle larger than 3 1/4 " would
require such a large wick to achieve a flame big enough to produce the heat required
for a melt pool to reach to within 3/8" of the edge of the candle , that the flame would
become " spikey " . This would be an indication that the flame is not burning efficiently ,
which would result in streams of carbon being released into the air as " soot " .

The other drawback to large diameter beeswax candles , is the time required required
for the melt pool to reach the edge is so long that most candle burners wouldn't allow
the candle to burn long enough , which results in tunnelling down the middle of the
candle after repeated uses.
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