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Why Beeswax Candles Shouldn't Be Made In Jars

Beeswax is a hard wax with a high melting point that burns hotter than other
waxes used for making candles. When the proper wick and clean beeswax is used
to make a candle , the flame is very big and bright. This large flame requires
more oxygen to burn cleanly than other candles made with other waxes. If a beeswax
candle is made in a jar , it will starve for oxygen and the flame will waver back
and forth. This inefficiently burning flame will be giving off soot , which is carbon ,
which is unburned beeswax , which will pollute the air with suspended particulate.

The heat that is generated from the flame of a beeswax candle will be contained
within the jar causing the beeswax to liquify. Once liquid , the beeswax is no longer
supporting the wick and the wick will fall over. The heat of the flame will also make
the jar very hot which may cause it to break, not to mention being at risk of burning
someones fingers if touched.

This situation is also true for votive candles burned in glass containers , or any candle
that is in a container that has restricted air flow . A wavering flame is polluting the air .
Also , liquid beeswax will vapourize quicker and burn away faster than solid beeswax .

When beeswax candles are made , the beeswax is poured at a temp. close to the melting
point . When a candle in a container is burning the beeswax is very hot . Beeswax shrinks
as it cools , so when a candle in a container is extinguished it usually cracks as it cools .

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