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Why dandelions are so important to honeybees .

Dandelions are very important to us honeybees because they are
one of the first nectar sources in the Spring. After a long
cold Winter cooped up in a hive , surviving on honey stores
or syrup provided by the beekeeper, it is the dandelion that
signals the beginning of Spring for us honeybees. Soon after the
dandelion flowers appear , fruit trees and berry bushes blossom .
Not long after , the wildflowers start to come along.

We are cold blooded creatures , so during the cold Winter months
are metabolism slows down. We cluster around our queen to keep her
warm . We don't consume much food when it is cold . There is the
occassional warm spell during the Winter when we warm up and become
more active . If we have had a good Summer and Fall season we will
have had the opportunity to put away enough stores for the Winter.

Unfortunately , as the climate is changing , mild spells are becoming
more frequent during the Winter and our stores aren't lasting until
Spring. Having extra sugar syrup supplied by the beekeeper really
helps us survive the long period between the last flowers in the Fall
and the first flowers in the Spring. Once the weather starts to warm
up in the early Spring , we become more active as our metabolism increases.
We require more food , and if the beekeeper hasn't supplemented our diet
we might starve to death before the first dandelions come out.

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