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The Truth About Buckwheat Beeswax .

There is an urban myth that claims that buckwheat beeswax is brown .
Buckwheat honey is actually a reddish/purple colour as we see in the
pictures below. So if we believe that the nectar source is directly
related to the colour of the beeswax then the beeswax that comes
from buckwheat honey should be reddish/purple and not brown.

buckwheat cappings

Buckwheat cappings still on frame.
Note the light colour of the cappings .

buckwheat honey in frame

Buckwheat honey in frame after being uncapped .

buckwheat honey        buckwheat honey

Wildflower honey and buckwheat honey in the setting sun .

buckwheat beeswax

Buckwheat beeswax rendered with rain water .

The cappings on the frame of buckwheat honey in the first picture are a light ,
almost white colour which is typical of most cappings. In the second picture ,
after the frame of buckwheat was uncapped , a backlight was used to show the
colour of buckwheat still in the honeycomb on the frame. The bottom picture shows
what the cappings looked like after they were rendered with rain water.

So where does brown honey come from ?

When a beekeeper renders the cappings without water, the residual honey becomes
" cooked " and turns brown which is what is referred to as " melter honey ".
Melter honey has a scorched sugar taste and smell , and is not buckwheat honey.

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